I'm Stumping for the Coming Revolution Higher Consciousness - MP3

The basics for conveying the teachings: the Chart of the Presence, decrees, Saint Germain and more. The best of Elizabeth Clare Prophet's stump lectures.
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This album is the nucleus of Mother’s manifesto, her statement of truth and its application for the Aquarian age.

4 hours of basic instruction in the teachings of the ascended masters delivered by the power of the Holy Spirit.

The best of 67 stump lectures delivered in 26 states and 5 Canadian provinces.

Includes teachings on:

  • The Chart of Your Divine Self
  • “Heart, Head and Hand Decrees”
  • The Science of the Spoken Word
  • The twelve tribes of Israel traced through reincarnation
  • Saint Germain and his plan for the Aquarian age
  • A meditation on the Royal Teton Retreat
  • And much more

Elizabeth Clare Prophet tells the story of her search for the ascended masters. She presents those teachings in an easy-to-understand format and it includes an introduction to the science of the spoken Word and how to decree.

MP3 CD 4 hours 40 minutes

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