36 ascended master dictations through Mark Prophet, January 16 to July 04, 1971. 11 hours 53 mins. Includes liner notes.
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36 ascended master dictations (#65 - 100), January 16 to July 04, 1971. 11 hours 53 minutes. Includes liner notes.

List of Ascended Master Dictations
Harmony, Lanto, El Morya (2), Elohim of Peace, Saint Germain (2 ), Gautama Buddha, Chananda, David Lloyd, Goddess of Liberty (2), Jesus Christ (3) , Paul the Venetian, Listening Angel, Rose of Light, Astrea, The Maha Chohan, Arcturus, Archangel Raphael, Archangel Michael, Lady Master Venus, Cuzco, Serapis Bey, Oromasis, Fortuna, Mother Mary, Magda, John the Beloved, Hilarion, Kuan Yin, Alexander Gaylord, Pallas Athena, Heros.