Amidst life's constant changes, El Morya helps us find the Real constant: the Will of God. Plus Light from Heavenly Lanterns and a biography of his lifetimes.
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Two books in one plus a concise biography of El Morya's embodiments. A classic collection of of prose and poetry from the Pearls of Wisdom on the Will of God from Tibetan master, El Morya. First released in 1969, Elizabeth Clare Prophet compiled the book in 1981.

As we find out all too often, change can appear to be the only constant in life. What are the forces that propel inner and outer change? And with all this change, how do we, like the Buddha, find the Real constant? What is the relationship between the “Divine Will” and change? This collection of personal letters from the Master El Morya helps all who would integrate the “Divine Will” into the process of personal growth and self-realization.

Now enhanced with the inclusion of El Morya's 1973 release, Light from Heavenly Lanterns with the 10 illustrations by Auriel Bessemer.

A jewel for any esoteric library!

Pocketbook, 127 pages

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