Practical tools and priceless insights that will save lives

In this unique and inspiring book, a minister and former medical doctor along with a clinical psychologist part the veil for a startling look beyond the physical world into a realm we don't usually see: malignant spirits coaxing depressed but beautiful people into suicide; a bleak, painful existence in a dark, frightening level of consciousness; and lost souls immediately coming back into a new lifetime to face the same test all over again.

Most important, Wanting to Live offers powerful, life-changing partnerships with heavenly rescuers, practical tools and priceless insights for suicidal people and their loved ones to allow light to transform a dark world.

Hope in a life of hopelessness - this book will save many lives.

     "I have been aware of the ascended masters and their teaching as well as decreeing for the past 4 1/2 years. Before this time of decreeing, I was a suicidal teenager who then went on to become a suicidal mum.

     "It is through decreeing and reading that, to date, my first answer to a problem is not suicide…

     "It is through reading stories of how others over came adversities that has given me that extra strength to be more determined to overcome my challenges, after all there was a time in my life when suicide (I felt) was the only answer and now I can laugh at my thinking then.

     "I think the material available on your site is so important and spirit lifting that I just do not know exactly how to express my gratitude to you." A reader.

Softbound 208 Pages