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Threefold Flame Wallet Card (white background)

Threefold Flame - White background, laminated wallet card with mantras for expanding and balancing the threefold flame on the reverse side.

1958 Pearls of Wisdom Hardbound Book

1958 Pearls of Wisdom hardbound book contains the 1958 Pearls, plus the founding dictations of The Summit Lighthouse, and an illustrated history of the organization.

Class of the Seven Chohans with the Maha Chohan DVD

New Year's Retreat 1994-1995 replayed New Year's 2023-2024, 3 DVDs and 1 MP3.

A New Heaven and a New Earth

What is it to build the new heaven, the new earth? Morya says it “is entirely an inner building of the temple of God.” Learn to plan for infinity while working in the finite world. Here the ascended masters give you the keys for shaping your future against all obstacles.

Morya y Tu - Amor

Deja que El Morya le hable a tu corazón. Agradecerás haber vuelto a conectarte con un querido amigo a quien has conocido durante muchísimo tiempo.

Threefold Flame on white background

Threefold Flame image on white background

Notas del Áshram

Lee las Notas del Áshram y despierta tu potencial para que seas el reflejo pleno de Dios.

El Sendero Mistico a la Divinidad

Este libro te enseña el sendero interior tanto si eres seguidor de Buda, de Jesús, de Krishna, de la Virgen María y de Saint Germain.

Lost Years Of Jesus - Trade

Elizabeth Clare Prophet presents four eyewitness accounts of the Buddhist manuscripts on Jesus lost years in the East, plus three translations of the texts.

El sendero de la inmortalidad

El sendero de la inmortalidad explora algunos de los misterios de la creación, penetrando más allá de los velos de la existencia mortal para revelar al hombre como un ser espiritual que abarca los planos del Espíritu y la Materia.

Climb the Highest Mountain Vols. 1-9

The entire Climb the Highest Mountain series bundled to bring you the most cost-effective way to build your spiritual library with these foundational works.

Teachings of the Cosmic Christ, Vol 1 CD

These audio lectures are profound mystery school teachings given to the 1979 Maitreya Quarter of Summit University. Accelerate your spiritual path with Lord Maitreya.

Climb the Highest Mountain Series Vols. 1-3

A three-pack of The Path to the Higher Self, Path of Self Transformation and Masters & Spiritual Path. Fast-track building your Summit Lighthouse library!

Climb the Highest Mountain Series Vols. 4-6

A three-pack of The Path to Brotherhood, Path of the Universal Christ, and Paths of Light and Darkness. Fast-track building your Summit Lighthouse library!

Climb the Highest Mountain Series Vols. 7-9

The third in a series of three-pack. This one includes The Path to Immortality, The Path of Christ or Antichrist, and The Path to Attainment. Complete your nine volume set of the Climb the Highest Mountain series in your Summit Lighthouse library!