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Bali Buddha

Hand carved, 20" tall

Flowing Water Kuan Yin

13 inches high

Hummingbirds for the Garden

Hand carved hummingbirds from a mineral base. We have 14 of the species here. They are made of minerals and resin, attached to a 13 inch sturdy metal rod. Perfect for your garden or plants.

Life of the Buddha Thangka


Manjushrii Thangka

Fairly Large

Amitayus Buddha Thangka

Medium size

Buddha Mandala Thangka

Medium Size

Buddha Mandala Thangka, Large


Chenrezig, Brass, Very Large

a.k.a. Avalokiteshvara and Kuan Yin

Immaculate Heart of Mary Pendant

Lapis and aquamarine

Lakshmi Necklace, Adjustable

amethyst, emerald and gold plated findings.