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Messages From Heaven By Patricia Kirmond

A recently departed soul tells about his amazing experiences after passing from this life and what he studies with ascended masters in the etheric retreats.
$16.95 $11.02

Saint Germain, Master Alchemist (Meet the Masters Series)

Meet the ascended master Saint Germain, spiritual alchemist, through his lifetimes and key teachings on the violet flame and the 9 Steps of Precipitation.

Saint Germain Send Violet Flame - CD

Use these violet flame decrees to renew your consciousness, being and world! Slow to intermediate pace.

Creation of the Cloud Ritual - CD - Special Edition

The powerful Creation of the Cloud ritual plus violet flame decrees recorded with staff at the Inner Retreat.
$14.95 $7.48

Save the World with Violet Flame! #1 - CDs

Violet flame decrees and songs to Saint Germain and the Elohim of the 7th Ray - transform your world! Slower pace. 2 CDs.
$19.95 $9.98

Saint Germain's Heart Meditations I & II - MP3

Saint Germain's Heart Meditations are for the clearing, strengthening and initiation of your heart chakra and the balancing of your threefold flame.
$19.95 $9.98

Saint Germain Sobre Alquimia

El maestro Saint Germain te ofrece hoy día los secretos para la utilización de las fórmulas para atraer de la Fuente Universal todo lo que necesites.
$15.95 $10.37

Saint Germain: Alquimista, diplomatico, y maestro

El libro incluye las encarnaciones del maestro, descripciones de sus retiros espirituales, rituales alquímicos, e un discurso para los portadores de luz.

Creation of the Cloud - Booklet (PDF Download)

Downloadable PDF of the Creation of the Cloud booklet. Prints out on 8 1/2 x 11 paper.