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Messages From Heaven By Patricia Kirmond

A recently departed soul tells about his amazing experiences after passing from this life and what he studies with ascended masters in the etheric retreats.

Saint Germain, Master Alchemist (Meet the Masters Series)

Meet the ascended master Saint Germain, spiritual alchemist, through his lifetimes and key teachings on the violet flame and the 9 Steps of Precipitation.

Saint Germain Send Violet Flame - CD

Use these violet flame decrees to renew your consciousness, being and world! Slow to intermediate pace.

Creation of the Cloud Ritual - CD - Special Edition

The powerful Creation of the Cloud ritual plus violet flame decrees recorded with staff at the Inner Retreat.

Save the World with Violet Flame! #1 - CDs

Violet flame decrees and songs to Saint Germain and the Elohim of the 7th Ray - transform your world! Slower pace. 2 CDs.

Saint Germain's Heart Meditations I & II - MP3

Saint Germain's Heart Meditations are for the clearing, strengthening and initiation of your heart chakra and the balancing of your threefold flame.

Saint Germain Sobre Alquimia

El maestro Saint Germain te ofrece hoy día los secretos para la utilización de las fórmulas para atraer de la Fuente Universal todo lo que necesites.

Saint Germain: Alquimista, diplomatico, y maestro

El libro incluye las encarnaciones del maestro, descripciones de sus retiros espirituales, rituales alquímicos, e un discurso para los portadores de luz.

Creation of the Cloud - Booklet (PDF Download)

Downloadable PDF of the Creation of the Cloud booklet. Prints out on 8 1/2 x 11 paper.