Mark Prophet

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Discourses on Cosmic Law, Vol. 2

Mark Prophet, letting the Holy Spirit express through him, used no notes—each discourse was a fresh revelation from the heart of God. Discourses Vol. 2 contains 15 timeless lectures full of wisdom and humor.

Answer You're Looking For Is Inside of You

Mark Prophet, with his lovable approach to spirituality, weaves anecdotes with universal truths to create a profound and enjoyable guide to spiritual growth.

Cosmic Consciousness

The newly ascended Lanello shares teachings on the Divine Mother, the presence of love, the eternality of being and the aura as an expanding egg of cosmic consciousness.

Discourses on Cosmic Law Set - MP3s - Mark Prophet

Set of five albums of Mark Prophet's Discourses on Cosmic Law in a beautiful foiled, hardcover slipcase. 69 lectures, 52.5 hours. MP3s

Discourses on Cosmic Law, Vol. 1

Mark Prophet's lectures, in print for the first time, are glimpses of the Infinite—the Wisdom of the Ages made practical for our daily life.

Lost Teachings on Finding God Within - Paperback

The Lost Teachings of Jesus Series: How to contact your inner source and access your unlimited potential. Put the teachings of Jesus into action!

Lost Teachings on Keys to Spiritual Progress - Paperback

The Lost Teachings reconstruct Jesus' message and demystify the Christian mysteries with practical instruction on attaining your relationship with God.

Lost Teachings on Your Higher Self - Paperback

Learn how early churchmen, aided by emperors Constantine and Justinian, distorted Jesus' true teachings. Recapture the lost teachings on your inner Christ.

Memories of Mark By Annice Booth

With delightful stories from her heart, Annice Booth shares the magic and mystery of a friendship and student/teacher relationship with Mark L. Prophet.

My Life & Times with the Prophets

Read the stories highlighting Tom Miller's experiences attempting to draw down the highest art forms and music under the sponsorship of the ascended masters as well as lessons learned as a disciple of his gurus, Mark and Elizabeth Clare Prophet. Tom’s combination of wit, humor, and occasional profundity gives you a first-hand glimpse into life in a modern day mystery school.

Only Mark Box Set #1 - MP3 - Mark Prophet

450 ascended master dictations from July 2, 1966 to February 18, 1973. Length: 181 hours. hardcover slipcase with 15 MP3 albums.

Only Mark Box Set #2 - MP3 - Mark Prophet

475 dictations delivered through Mark Prophet from 1958 thru 1973. 15 MP3 Audio CDs.