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Greater Way of Freedom

Ascended master dictations and the lecture, The Prophecy of the Soul of America, by Elizabeth Clare Prophet from the 1976 Freedom conference.

I Believe in the United States of America - DVD

July 4th address by Elizabeth Clare Prophet - a timely and penetrating look at America's spiritual roots, its heritage and its future.

Only Love - MP3 (Freedom 1977)

Sixteen dictations given at the Freedom 1977 Only Love conference plus six dictations from 1977 chosen by Mother especially for this album.

Awaken the Lightbearers - DVDs/MP3 (Freedom 2013)

The Freedom 2013 conference album that includes almost twelve hours of the dictations and the lecture excerpt from this conference. MP3 and DVDs.

Manipulators of Capitalism and Communism - DVD

In this visionary and soul-stirring DVD, Elizabeth Clare Prophet reveals the illusions of Marxism and the contradictions of capitalism. 2 DVDs

Defending World Freedom - DVD/MP3 (Freedom 2016)

Threefold flame clearance and all dictations from the 2016 Freedom conference. 1 DVD 1 MP3

Feel the Victory! Be the Victory! - DVD/MP3 (Freedom 2017)

The dictations and lectures from the Freedom 2017 conference. 2 DVDs and 1 MP3

The Flame of Freedom Speaks to a New Generation - DVD/MP3 (Freedom 1984)

The Freedom 1984 conference, The Flame of Freedom Speaks, with all 12 dictations including Lord Maitreya and Helios. 6 DVDs and 1 MP3

Heal Yourself, Heal the Nations - Freedom Conference 2020

Heal Yourself, Heal the Nations - Freedom 2020 Timeless teachings from the Ascended Masters. 1 DVD and 1 MP3 CD