Spiritual necklaces, handcrafted and offering the best of Nature's designs

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Amethyst Natural Crystal Pendant

Amethyst Crystal Pendant, 1"

Lakshmi Necklace, Adjustable

amethyst, emerald and gold plated findings.

Sacred Geometry Golden Ratio Pendant

Sacred Geometry Golden Ratio Pendant Necklace, gold plated

Antique Om Aromatherapy Locket

Antique Silver Om Aromatherapy Locket Necklace

Aromatherapy Om Pendant

Aromatherapy Om Pendant 18K gold plated

Buddhist Wheel of Life Aromatherapy Pendant w/ Torus Vortex

Aromatherapy Pendant w/ Torus Vortex on reverse side

Rhodochrosite Necklace

Large elegant beads

Crystals of the 7 Rays Necklace-16" long

The causal body surrounded by precious gems. 16" long.

Seven Archangels combination Bracelet/Necklace

Crystals of the Seven Archangels Necklace/Bracelet with Lapis, Citrine, Garnet, Quartz, Emerald, Ruby and Amethyst.

Seven Rays Crystal Pendants set

Seven Rays Crystal Pendant set w/ Emerald, Ruby, Blue Topaz and more ...

Archangel Michael Dog Tags

Archangel Michael Dog Tags

Threefold Flame Necklace

Threefold Flame Necklace w/pearls, aquamarine, citrine ...