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Teachings of the Cosmic Christ, Vol 1

To restore the thread of contact with the Guru, Maitreya would show you the way. Re-establish the thread of contact with your own Real Self. Enter the path of the Cosmic Christ. Regain the Edenic consciousness. Find your way back Home.

The Maitreya Discourses - Teachings from the Mystery School

24 dictations on the Mystery School by Maitreya, Kuthumi, Gautama Buddha, Mother Mary, and Lanello help you find your keys to anchoring the consciousness of the Cosmic Christ. Maitreya beckons: “Come and Find Me.”

The Word - Volume 7

Jesus Christ never stopped speaking to his own - his message did not end with the Book of Revelation. The Word Volume 7 is the mystical revelations of Jesus Christ to Elizabeth Clare Prophet covering the years 1989-1992.

Creative Thought FORMS

Have you noticed how advertisers use thoughtforms to program your desires? You can use visualization, sound, and geometry to brighten your life and guard your mind and emotions.

Reality of Your Ascension (book)

The ascension is the goal of life. Elizabeth Clare Prophet explores the mysteries of the path of the ascension and introduces you to Serapis Bey and other masters of the ascension flame.

Reality of Your Ascension - DVD/MP3

The landmark August 1979 seminar A Retreat on the Ascension with all the dictations and lectures. Meet Serapis Bey and gain those keys from the ascended masters to accelerate you on your ascension pathway.

10,001, Handbook for Soul Survival

10,001, Handbook for Soul Survival blows the cover on the strategies and plans of the forces of darkness. They have a plan for's called Armageddon.