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A New Heaven and a New Earth (Freedom 1990) DVD/MP3

What is it to build A New Heaven and a New Earth? Take these timely messages of hope and inspiration from the ascended masters and make the most of the opportunity still at hand.

A Rescue Mission for Elemental Life (Harvest 2019)

Timeless teachings from the Ascended Masters, Harvest Conference 1993, replayed at Harvest 2019.

A Valentine to All Who Love - DVD

Valentine to All Who Love From Mother, Saint Germain and Paul the Venetian. Lecture on twin flames and dictation by Saint Germain.

A World Vigil for Youth (New Years 1997)

The New Years 1997 conference Ascended Master's Rescue Mission for the Youth of the World. 4 DVDs & 1 MP3

All Seeing Eye Spiritual Visualization - DVD

Visualizations with decrees to the beloved Elohim Cyclopea. Intermediate pace.

Answering the Master's Call, Darshan 5 - DVD

Darshan #5 Elizabeth Clare Prophet teaching from The K.H. Letters to C. W. Leadbeater

Archangel Michael Visualizations - DVD

Spiritual Visualizations for World Change with decrees - Archangel Michael over the earth, each of the continents plus Archangel Uriel visualization.

Archangels: The Wave of Hope - DVD/MP3 (Harvest 2014)

Archangels - The Wave of Hope - Harvest Retreat 2014.

Astrea's Circle and Sword Visualizations - DVD

Animated spiritual visualizations of Elohim Astrea's Circle and Sword over 12 regions of the Earth, 5 minutes each. Audio track of decree 10.14 72x.

Awaken the Lightbearers - DVDs/MP3 (Freedom 2013)

The Freedom 2013 conference album that includes almost twelve hours of the dictations and the lecture excerpt from this conference. MP3 and DVDs.

Becoming An Accepted Chela, Darshan 6 - DVD

Darshan #6 Elizabeth Clare Prophet teachingon becoming an accepted chela from The Masters and the Path by C. W. Leadbeater.