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Control of Human Aura through the Science of the Spoken Word - DVD

Elizabeth Clare Prophet shows you how to control the effects your aura has on people and on the aura of planet Earth. Includes 25 color illustrations.

Dawn of the Golden Age, The (New year's 2011)


Dawning of Your God Reality - DVD/MP3

The dictations originally delivered New Year's Conference 1992-1993.

Education of the Heart (Dictations) - DVDs

Contains six dictations delivered at the seminar Education of the Heart on the occasion of the 7th anniversary of Lanello's ascension.

Elizabeth Clare Prophet on YouTube Vol 1 - DVD

First 14 video excerpts of Elizabeth Clare Prophet on the Teachings of the Ascended Masters posted on YouTube, plus Hail Gautama Buddha musical mediation.

Elizabeth Clare Prophet on YouTube Vol. 2 - DVD

23 videos clips of Elizabeth Clare Prophet explaining the teachings of the ascended masters as seen on YouTube.

Elizabeth Clare Prophet, A Life Lived in Love - DVD

An inspiring, fascinating and uplifting tribute to Elizabeth Clare Prophet. Her life told in her words and those of the ascended masters. DVD, 1 hr 45 min.

Fallen Angels and the Origins of Evil - DVD

Elizabeth Clare Prophet shows where the Church, aligned with fallen angels, created a logic and theology to deny that angels could incarnate. 2 DVD Set

Feel the Victory! Be the Victory! - DVD/MP3 (Freedom 2017)

The dictations and lectures from the Freedom 2017 conference. 2 DVDs and 1 MP3

For Judgment I AM Come Visualization - DVD

Visualizations of the Divine Mother (Kuan Yin), Archangel Uriel, Mother Mary, Saint Germain with intermediate paced decrees.

Forever in the Diamond Heart of El Morya - DVD

Forever in the Diamond Heart of El Morya DVD captures the history of The Summit Lighthouse and and El Morya’s vision for the future. Includes unpublished images from the archives.