Hindu Statues

From holy India come these Hindu statues of beloved and powerful deities.

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Shiva Nataraja

10.5 inches

Lakshmi, sitting on a lotus - hand painted 8"

Lakshmi, sitting on a lotus


Durga, the Goddess Beyond Reach, or the Unfathomable One

Lakshmi 10"

Lakshmi 10"

Lakshmi 2"

Lakshmi 2"

Baby Krishna on a Leaf

Blue Baby Krishna on a Leaf Playing his Flute

Baby Krishna Stealing Butter

Blue Baby Krishna Stealing Butter, small, a little over 3 inches

Blue Krishna

Very Blue Krishna w/flute

Brahma Statue

Four Headed Brahma Statue

Krishna and Radha

Krishna and Radha, Resin, 5.5" tall

Krishna Bronze Resin Statue

Krishna Bronze Statue, 10-Inch

Krishna Ivory Marble Statue, 10-Inch