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Victory Bracelet

w/Jasper & citrine, new design includes Victory's Star.

Amethyst Orgone Pyramid

Amethyst Orgone Pyramid, 1 Inch

Lapis Spheres, Small 1.25"

Lapis Spheres, Small 1.25"

Buddha of the Ruby Ray Bracelet

Buddha of the Ruby Ray Bracelet w/ Rose Quartz, Agate & Ruby

Five Dhyani Buddhas Set

Five Dhyani Buddhas Set - Brass - 1.5"

Gautama Buddha Bracelet

Citrine, jasper, yellow jade and lapis lazuli

Kuthumi Bracelet

Kuthumi Bracelet with Citrine, Rose Quartz, Garnet, & Gold Plated 18K

Manjushrii - Brass

Manjushrii - Brass - 3"

Padmasambhava - Brass, small

Guru Rinpoche- Brass - 3"

Padmasambhava Gold Small Statue

Guru Rinpoche Gold Plated Statue, Small (3")

Saint Germain Maltese Cross

Saint Germain Maltese Cross, Gold Plated

Saint Germain Maltese Cross Earrings

Saint Germain Maltese Cross Earrings, gold plated

Sanat Kumara and Mother Mary Rosary Bracelet

Sanat Kumara and Mother Mary Rosary Bracelet w/ Jasper, Coral, Rhodochrosite and Rose Quartz.

Yoga Girl Earrings

Yoga Girl Earrings, 18k gold plated

Archangel Raphael Jade Emerald Bracelet

Archangel Raphael Bracelet w/Jade, Emerald and 18K gold plating.

Lakshmi Japa Mala (Rosary)

Lakshmi Japa Mala (Rosary) w/ Jade, Emerald and Citrine

Crystals of the 7 Rays Necklace

The causal body surrounded by precious gems.

Shiva Nataraja Bracelet

Shiva Nataraja Bracelet w/ Rudraksha beads, Amethyst and Aquamarine.

Surya "The Sun God" Mala Bracelet

Surya "The Sun God" Mala Bracelet w/ Lapis and Quartz

Archangel Michael Pendant

Archangel Michael Pendant w/Lapis and 18k gold background.

Archangel Gabriel Pendant

Tiffany Archangel Gabriel Pendant with small pearls

Archangel Raphael Jade Pendant

Archangel Raphael Jade, Gold Pendant

Archangel Zadkiel Pendant

Archangel Zadkiel Amethyst Pendant

Paul the Venetian Pendant

Paul the Venetian Pendant w/Pink Beryl and 18K gold plating