Tibetan Ritual Objects

Tibetan ritual objects for your altar and Buddhist meditation practices.

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Butter Lamps Brass Medium

Brass Butter Lamps, 2.5 inches

Dorje / Vajra, Large

Brass Dorje / Vajra, Large

Dorje / Vajra, Ornate

Ornate Dorje / Vajra, 5.5 inches

Dorje, / Vajra

Dorje / Vajra, small


Dorje/Vajra; Be Thor and Wield a Thunderbolt

Offering Bowls Copper Medium

Set of Seven

Offering Bowls Copper Small

Set of Seven

Tibetan Prayer Flag with Multiple Deity Imprints

Tibetan Prayer Flag, 40" long, 8"X10" flags.

Tibetan Prayer Flags Large


Tibetan Prayer Flags Medium


Tibetan Tingshas w/Om Mantra

Tibetan Tingshas, Antique, w/Om Mantra