Tibetan Ritual Objects

Tibetan ritual objects for your altar and Buddhist meditation practices.

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Spinning Prayer Wheel Rings with Om Mantra

Size 6 or 7

Mantra Prayer Ring Brass - Size 8-9

Blue Faux Lapis,

Mantra Prayer Ring, Brass, size 8-9

Tourquoise Faux Gemstone

Spinning Prayer Wheel Rings with Om Mantra, size 8 or 9

Brass inner ring and copper outer ring

Vajra Pendant

Vajra Pendant 1 3/8" Brass

Butter Lamps Brass Medium

Brass Butter Lamps, 2.5 inches

Dorje, / Vajra

Dorje / Vajra, small


Dorje/Vajra; Be Thor and Wield a Thunderbolt

Offering Bowls Copper Medium

Set of Seven

Offering Bowls Copper Small

Set of Seven

Tibetan Prayer Flag with Multiple Deity Imprints

Tibetan Prayer Flag, 40" long, 8"X10" flags.