Maitreya's Mystery School

Are you one of the fiery spirits that Maitreya Buddha is calling? Maitreya beckons: “Come and Find Me.” Welcome to the adventure of the ages.

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Maitreya on Initiation: The Coming Buddha Who Has Come

Maitreya's teaching on initiation plus Elizabeth Clare Prophet’s writings on the bodhisattva path and its parallels in the western spirituality.
$15.95 $3.99

The Maitreya Discourses - Teachings from the Mystery School

24 dictations on the Mystery School by Maitreya, Kuthumi, Gautama Buddha, Mother Mary, and Lanello help you find your keys to anchoring the consciousness of the Cosmic Christ. Maitreya beckons: “Come and Find Me.”

Teachings of the Cosmic Christ-Vol. 1

To restore the thread of contact with the Guru, Maitreya would show you the way. Re-establish the thread of contact with your own Real Self. Enter the path of the Cosmic Christ. Regain the Edenic consciousness. Find your way back Home.

Initiations of the Heart

Did our hearts not burn within us?... In Initiations of the Heart, the ascended masters reveal the mysteries of the heart. Here you have the keys to develop your heart, expand your heart's fire, and balance your threefold flame.