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Alchemy of Supply - CD

Fiats and decrees for abundance led by Elizabeth Clare Prophet. Use abundance decrees for precipitating prosperity. Decree speed: medium to fast paced.
$14.95 $9.72

Creative Abundance - Audio Book

An abridged audio book of the Creative Abundance pocket guide. Step-by-step techniques including treasure mapping, visualizations and affirmations.

Creative Abundance (Pocket Guide)

These keys to spiritual and material prosperity give you step-by-step techniques to unlock your wealth and abundance potential. Turn dreams into reality.
$8.95 $5.82

God's Abundance in Your Hands Visualizations - DVD

Visualizations and decrees for abundance with Elizabeth Clare Prophet. Intermediate pace - or mute the audio to meditate and decree at your own pace.
$19.95 $12.97

Saint Germain On Alchemy

Saint Germain gives you the principles of alchemy, the best use of violet flame mantras and visualizations, and how to use them to change your life.
$19.95 $12.97

Secrets Of Prosperity by Annice Booth

Claim your own prosperity - the true prosperity of health, wealth, happiness, joy, peace, faith, hope, wisdom, and able to accept the abundance of God.
$14.95 $9.72

Gold Flakes Bottle