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Alchemy of Supply - CD

Fiats and decrees for abundance led by Elizabeth Clare Prophet. Use abundance decrees for precipitating prosperity. Decree speed: medium to fast paced.

Creative Abundance - Audio Book

An abridged audio book of the Creative Abundance pocket guide. Step-by-step techniques including treasure mapping, visualizations and affirmations.

Creative Abundance (Pocket Guide)

These keys to spiritual and material prosperity give you step-by-step techniques to unlock your wealth and abundance potential. Turn dreams into reality.

God's Abundance in Your Hands Visualizations - DVD

Visualizations and decrees for abundance with Elizabeth Clare Prophet. Intermediate pace - or mute the audio to meditate and decree at your own pace.

Saint Germain On Alchemy

Saint Germain gives you the principles of alchemy, the best use of violet flame mantras and visualizations, and how to use them to change your life.

Secrets Of Prosperity by Annice Booth

Claim your own prosperity - the true prosperity of health, wealth, happiness, joy, peace, faith, hope, wisdom, and able to accept the abundance of God.

Gold Flakes Bottle

Gold Flakes Bottle for your visualizations