Ascended Masters

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Teachings Ascended Masters Intro Brochure 2023 - 25 pk

A concise way to introduce people to the Teachings of the Ascended Masters, Mark and Elizabeth Clare Prophet, and the Summit Lighthouse.

Afra: Brother of Light (Meet the Masters Series)

Ascended Master Afra addresses how we can make a universal brotherhood of man a possibility—not as idle dream or utopian future, but here and now.

Chela And The Path

Personal instruction from the heart and mind of El Morya to you. Foundational for those who would know their true potential and how to fulfill it.

Hilarion The Healer (Meet the Masters Series)

Learn the amazing story of ascended master Hilarion's lives as Saints Paul and Hilarion and his spiritual keys and insight for healing body, mind and soul.

Lords Of The Seven Rays

Learn about the ascended masters - the lords of the 7 rays. These spiritual teachers are ready to tutor you on your path to spiritual mastery.

Lost Years Of Jesus - Trade

Elizabeth Clare Prophet presents four eyewitness accounts of the Buddhist manuscripts on Jesus lost years in the East, plus three translations of the texts.

Masters and the Spiritual Path - CHM #3

#3 of Climb the Highest Mountain series offers the ascended masters' perspective on the universe and your role in it. Discover keys for your spiritual path.

Masters and Their Retreats

The complete guide on the ascended masters and their etheric retreats. Shows in the world of Spirit, there is no division of race, religion or philosophy.

Meeting The Masters - Sacred Adventure Series 2

Meeting The Masters, Book 2 of the Sacred Adventure Series, expounds on the presence of masterful spiritual beings just beyond the veil. The material world in which we live represents only a small slice of a broad spectrum of being from the realm of the humblest nature spirits to that of the most exalted archangels.

Saint Germain, Master Alchemist (Meet the Masters Series)

Meet the ascended master Saint Germain, spiritual alchemist, through his lifetimes and key teachings on the violet flame and the 9 Steps of Precipitation.

The Spiritual Quest - Sacred Adventure Series 1

The Spiritual Quest is a seven-chapter course offering an in-depth look at your spiritual origin and destiny. Connect more intimately with your Higher Self! Includes links to online audio meditations and exercises.

Working with the Masters - Sacred Adventure Series 3

The Sacred Adventure series book 3 is a road map with expert guides for your spiritual journey. Includes links to mantras, decrees, songs, and meditations.