Divine Feminine

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Age of the Divine Mother

Elizabeth Clare Prophet shares her personal experiences with Mother Mary and offers a deeper understanding of the Universal Mother that Mary represents.

Finding a Higher Love: A Spiritual Guide

Elizabeth Clare Prophet gives a spiritual approach to love, sexuality, and relationships. Relationships, however challenging, are opportunities for growth.
$14.95 $9.72

Lost Teachings of Jesus On Woman - DVD

Elizabeth Clare Prophet's discusses the revolution Jesus started for woman through his ministry and on your right to become who you really are.
$24.95 $16.22

Mary Magdalene and the Divine Feminine

Elizabeth Clare Prophet offers a unique perspective on the feminist movement based on the lost Gnostic teachings of Jesus - his lost teachings on woman.
$15.95 $10.37

Mary's Message for A New Day

Reissue of My Soul Doth Magnify the Lord includes Mother Mary's embodiments, the rosary's history, scriptural rosaries' text, and dictations from Mother Mary.
$16.95 $11.02

Mary's Message of Divine Love

A fascinating account of Mother Mary's life after Jesus' ascension, traveling across Europe establishing spiritual focuses plus a history of her appearances.
$18.95 $12.32

Nurturing Your Baby's Soul

Incredible insights into the inner life of the unborn child with practical spiritual techniques and meditations to use to help develop your baby's gifts.
$12.95 $8.42

Opening of the Seventh Seal

These foundational teachings on the Path of the Ruby Ray from Sanat Kumara are for those who would serve as initiates of Divine Love.
$19.95 $12.97