Divine Feminine

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Age of the Divine Mother

Elizabeth Clare Prophet shares her personal experiences with Mother Mary and offers a deeper understanding of the Universal Mother that Mary represents.

Finding a Higher Love: A Spiritual Guide

Elizabeth Clare Prophet gives a spiritual approach to love, sexuality, and relationships. Relationships, however challenging, are opportunities for growth.

Lost Teachings of Jesus On Woman - DVD

Elizabeth Clare Prophet's discusses the revolution Jesus started for woman through his ministry and on your right to become who you really are.

Mary Magdalene and the Divine Feminine

Elizabeth Clare Prophet offers a unique perspective on the feminist movement based on the lost Gnostic teachings of Jesus - his lost teachings on woman.

Mary's Message for A New Day

Reissue of My Soul Doth Magnify the Lord includes Mother Mary's embodiments, the rosary's history, scriptural rosaries' text, and dictations from Mother Mary.

Mary's Message of Divine Love

A fascinating account of Mother Mary's life after Jesus' ascension, traveling across Europe establishing spiritual focuses plus a history of her appearances.

Nurturing Your Baby's Soul

Incredible insights into the inner life of the unborn child with practical spiritual techniques and meditations to use to help develop your baby's gifts.

Opening of the Seventh Seal

These foundational teachings on the Path of the Ruby Ray from Sanat Kumara are for those who would serve as initiates of Divine Love.