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How to Work with Your Chakras

This pocket guide is packed with full color images of the chakras, the threefold flame and the I AM Presence. Enjoy simple explanations and mantras for clearing and sealing your chakras and aura. A great introductory book that works well with study groups or to pass on to a friend.

Saint Germain - Mystery of the Violet Flame

Saint Germain, through many lifetimes as alchemist, adept and visionary, found the priceless ancient formulas like the violet flame. He comes again, revealing his knowledge for your benefit.

Violet Flame To Heal Body, Mind And Soul (Pocket Guide)

Learn how to use the violet flame to transform negative patterns of thought or feeling into light. Restore the joy of God to your world!

Creative Abundance (Pocket Guide)

These keys to spiritual and material prosperity give you step-by-step techniques to unlock your wealth and abundance potential. Turn dreams into reality.

Hilarion The Healer (Meet the Masters Series)

Learn the amazing story of ascended master Hilarion's lives as Saints Paul and Hilarion and his spiritual keys and insight for healing body, mind and soul.

Saint Germain, Master Alchemist (Meet the Masters Series)

Meet the ascended master Saint Germain, spiritual alchemist, through his lifetimes and key teachings on the violet flame and the 9 Steps of Precipitation.

Afra: Brother of Light (Meet the Masters Series)

Ascended Master Afra addresses how we can make a universal brotherhood of man a possibility—not as idle dream or utopian future, but here and now.

How To Work With Angels (Pocket Guide)

Ever think of building a relationship with an angel? You can work with angels (and archangels!) to bring about miracles everyday into your life and world.

Your Seven Energy Centers (Pocket Guide)

Use these spiritual insights, powerful affirmations and chakra visualizations to increase your energy flow and restore your body's energetic balance!

Soul Mates and Twin Flames - CD

An audio abridgement of the pocket guide Soul Mates and Twin Flames on 2 CDs. A new look at love, karma and relationships.

Creative Power Of Sound (Pocket Guide)

Learn 7 fundamental principles for using prayers, affirmations, decrees and mantras to generate spiritual energy and bring you closer to your Higher Self.

Art of Practical Spirituality (Pocket Guide)

Bring more passion, creativity and balance into your life through the Art of Practical Spirituality. Turn everyday encounters into an opportunity to grow.