First 14 video excerpts of Elizabeth Clare Prophet on the Teachings of the Ascended Masters posted on YouTube, plus Hail Gautama Buddha musical mediation.

First 14 videos posted at YouTube, plus "Hail Gautama Buddha" musical Inner Retreat mediation. These videos are short excerpts of Elizabeth Clare Prophet explaining the Teachings of the Ascended Masters.

Your Real Inner Self
Your Divine Self
Your Causal Body Treasures
Fulfilling Your Reason for Being
Kabbalah: Tiferet as the Universal Christ
Kabbalah: Secret Merkabah Mysticism; Ezekiel's Ascension Chariot
Kabbalah: Early Rabbinic Mysticism of the Prophets
Violet Flame and the Seven Chakras
Become the Buddha
Mantra for Healing Personal and National Economies
Creative Abundance: Keys to Spiritual Prosperity
On the Ascension
Learning to Care for the Soul
Strengthening the Soul
Gautama Buddha Meditation

1 DVD, 1 hour 25 minutes.