Grecian Statues

Small Grecian statues bring an Old World elegance to any room

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Pallas Athena

11", bonded marble finish with gold trim

Goddess Fortuna

Goddess Fortuna, she's better than luck

Hercules and Lichas


Hermes Large Standing Bronze Satue


Hermes, Bonded Marble

God Mercury is 9" tall

Lady Justice Bronze Standing


Lady Justice w/ Balance Scales

Bonded Marble Finish

Lady Justice, bonded marble, small


Pallas Athena Statue Bonded Marble Bust

The Greek Goddess of Truth

Pallas Athena w/ Spear & Shield

Bronze Resin

Athena 3.5" tall

Athena 3.5" tall

Goddess Nike (Victory)

Goddess Nike (Victory)