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3086: The adept Kuthumi (known also as Koot Hoomi and K.H.) led an extremely secluded life, affording a public record of him that is at best somewhat fragmented.

Born in the early nineteenth century, Mahatma Kuthumi was a Punjabi whose family had settled in Kashmir. He attended Oxford University in 1850 and is believed to have contributed "The Dream of Ravan" to The Dublin University Magazine around 1854, prior to returning to his homeland.

The Kashmiri Brahman spent considerable time in Dresden, Wurzberg, Nurnberg, and at the university in Leipzig, where in 1875 he visited with Dr. Gustav Theodor Fechner, the founder of modern psychology.

His remaining years were spent at his lamasery in Shigatse, Tibet, where his contact with the outside world included didactic writings sent by mail to some of his devoted students. Those letters are now on file with the British Museum.