Downloadable PDF of the Ashram Ritual booklet containing the six Ashram rituals released in 1952-58 in the Ashram Notes.
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Dictated between 1952 and 1958 by the Ascended Master El Morya to his amanuensis Mark L. Prophet.

This PDF booklet is the companion product for the Ashram Rituals audio CD set #D90028.

Our principal reason for founding this Ashram is for the linking of hearts worldwide in a ritual of scheduled group meditations. Even though we are separated by time and space, we shall all meet in a union of consciousness, laboring and travailing together to give birth to our Ashram for God.—Chapter Two

The six rituals are:

  • The Unison Ritual
  • Great Central Sun Ritual: O Cosmic Christ, Thou Light of the World
  • Sacred Ritual for Attunement with Gods Holy Will
  • Sacred Ritual for Soul Purification
  • Sacred Ritual for Transport and Holy Work
  • Sacred Ritual for Oneness

"Thus, beloved, in all ways know that we have many reasons for which we do many things. And though I could speak to you for many an hour on the realities of the Ashram and what it can mean to your acceleration on the Path, I do request that as chelas of the will of God you will accept my word, that it is so. Accept that this bonding together of your souls with one another, with my heart and with all servants of God’s will is a major key in your success and your God-victory. This applies even in the matter of the initiation at the two-thirds level of the pyramid, even in the matter of the expansion of resurrection’s flame in your heart, given to you with such love, such ineffable love, by Jesus. Yes, your participation in the Ashram ritual-meditations will strengthen you to accomplish all that you desire by a path of self-mastery.

"Thus, let the Community, let the chelas determine when they desire to group together to give these rituals. Let it be the spontaneous will of all. Let their votes be made known and suggestions filed. Thus, we may commune together in these rituals when it is the free, God-given gift of those who participate. May it be your link to the future and the arc whereby the soul may pass over the Dark Night of the nineties and be in place in the matrix of the will of God." - El Morya, July 8, 1990

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