Elizabeth Clare Prophet shows where the Church, aligned with fallen angels, created a logic and theology to deny that angels could incarnate. 2 DVD Set
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Exposé on fallen angels by Elizabeth Clare Prophet

Now you can see Elizabeth Clare Prophets original teaching that became the basis for her bestselling book, Fallen Angels and the Origins of Evil.

The Book of Enoch, it is considered, was written before the time of Jesus. It was once accepted by Jews and Christians alike and later fell into disfavor with theologians because of its controversial statements on the nature and deeds of fallen angels.

Elizabeth Clare Prophet speaks of the disputes in the early and present-day Church on whether or not angels could take embodiment, whether angels who had sinned could be cast down into embodiment, whether the Watchers or the Nephilim ever indeed took embodiment. To deny that they have done so is the position of the Catholic Church. And therefore, to have any concern about evil incarnate or a warfare of the sons of Light with the fallen ones in the physical octave is irrelevant.

Her contention is that the prelates of the Church were aligned with these fallen ones and it was in their best interest to connive a logic and a theology that could support the denial of angels incarnate. She says that by so doing, they have taken from the children of the Light the understanding of the battle for light and darkness which is so easily seen today.

2 DVD Set: 2 hours, 50 minutes