Painting of Magda, the twin flame of Jesus Christ.
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Painting of Magda, the twin flame of Jesus Christ. Elizabeth Clare Prophet said, "[Jesus] took his ascension and sent forth Magda (her soul name) to be the embodiment (the Shakti) of his Light these two thousand years." At the end of the Piscean Age, Magda ascended after her last embodiment as Aimee Semple McPherson.

Lady Master Magda, a defender of twin flames and each one's soul to be the bride of Christ, said,

“You have known me as one who became, among the holy women, a disciple of Our Lord. You have known that I was called by him and of him, and that he received me. And in the blessed experience of our union, there was the casting out of the seven planes of my being of all that would offend the living God.

“In my heart, I knew his devotion to Mother. In my heart, I knew his descent to earth was to claim my soul as his bride forevermore. In my heart, I knew, because he would and because he did pluck me to his heart, that he would also do this for each and every one.

“And as the love that we shared has always been the love of twin flames, therefore my overcoming victory during this Piscean age has created the completion of the arc whereby the magnet of our divine union might draw souls into the magnitude of God’s love and might reunite for Saint Germain, in this Aquarian age, twin flames who have been long separated by the conspiracy of the Watchers themselves.

“The divide-and-conquer tactics of the fallen ones have nowhere been more intense and relentless, and often successful, than in the division of hearts who truly love one another, having come from the same source, the same white fire body, as twin souls and twin flames unto eternal Life....

“Therefore, in the Piscean age, to focus more fully the magnitude of Christ’s victory and to perfect the calling of the divine woman, I remained in embodiment to fulfill the final vow. Thus, the Alpha is the thrust of the beginning, and the Omega the ending. And the two halves of the Whole must complete a fiery mission—not always together, but always together in the heart.

“As they mocked him, so some have mocked even the principle of twin flames and, from that point, the absurdity so-called that I myself might be the beloved of the Beloved. They have not understood the mystical union. They have not understood that every soul is the bride of Christ and that there is but one Christ.

“And therefore, the feminine half of the Whole of the circle of Life is always the bride of the one Universal Christ in her Lord, the masculine half of the Divine Whole. Just as those who deny the Christ in Jesus lose their own Christhood, so those who deny the bride in me also deny their opportunity to become the bride of Christ.

“To look upon, perhaps, my poor example as Aimee—as some might think it not in the full majesty of the LORD—they cannot imagine that a mere flesh-and-blood person, such as Magdalene or such as myself in my final incarnation, could even be worthy of being the bride of Christ. And because their minds always contemplate a flesh-and-blood union, they cannot imagine the necessity of the eternal Christ for having a wife in heaven, much less a wife on earth!”