Lost Teachings on Keys to Spiritual Progress - Paperback

The Lost Teachings reconstruct Jesus' message and demystify the Christian mysteries with practical instruction on attaining your relationship with God.
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The Lost Teachings of Jesus Series: Paths to soul transformation and spiritual mastery.

In modern vernacular, the authors reconstruct the essence of Jesus message and answer questions that have puzzled readers of the Bible for centuries. While the words and images may not be those Christ used two thousand years ago, you will find the heart of the message he imparted.

Jesus is an elder brother and teacher who demystifies the Christian mysteries with practical instruction on how to attain your own intimate and transforming relationship with God.

Read the stories of seven saints and mystics who reached for and accomplished the goal of self-transcendence.

Topics include:
Discover the Secret Gospel of Mark
The Laws of Vibration
Atonement and Self-Transcendence by Rebirth
Mantra/Meditation: The Soul Omnipresent in God
Mysteries of the Great Creative Self
Atlantis Revisited
Reincarnation: The Prophecy of Elijah Come Again
Seven Masters Who Tutor Our Souls on the Path of Individual Christhood

Pocket book, 352 pages

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