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6349: As we face the complexities of the dawning age, spiritually advanced souls are being born to usher in a prophesied time of peace and enlightenment.

Read about families, teachers and mentors who are running full speed ahead to keep up with an ever-changing world. Included is a discussion of the Aquarian family, New Age children and young geniuses who have a special mission to fulfill.

The book offers insights about these extraordinary children plus teachings on the cycles of life and their corresponding life lessons, an analysis of how karma and past-life records can impact marriage and family lifeand what to do about it.

Dr. Barrick also reveals the "cycles of life" we all pass through and shows how we can deal with their corresponding life lessons. She gives valuable insights into how karma and past-life records influence our marriages and families- and teaches us ways to master these important relationships.

softbound, 388 pages.