Thoughtform of the Diamond Heart 5 x 7
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Thoughtform of the Diamond Heart 5 x 7

I am crystallizing before you the light of the diamond heart in a tremendous power.

Each one of these little diamond crystals is triangular in shape and the blue flame is blazing within it and it is singing a song to the Creator of all life, saying: “Thy will, O God, is Good! Thy will, O God, is Good! Thy will, O God, is Good!”

And these blue flames are singing a paean of praise to the Father of life. And the crystal around them is made up of the radiant hopes of the children of the light as they are assembled. I have taken the spiritual hopes of many from among the unascended as well as the ascended hosts, and with my own hands I have formed in the air before you the crystal symbol of the diamond heart. This heart is actually made up of their hopes, even as it carries the radiation of my own heart.

I surround this beautiful diamond heart, which was externalized by Mary, the Mother of Jesus, with a larger pattern of my own heart. And I charge into that diamond heart the qualities from my heart of flesh, not the physical flesh but the flesh of new birth—the flesh of the living Spirit of God! - El Morya August 7, 1958