Elizabeth Clare Prophet explores what are twin flames, soul mates and karmic relationships and how to spiritualize these relationships. MP3 12 hrs.
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Finding a Higher Love

  • What is a Twin Flame?
  • Are twin flames and soul mates the same?
  • How can I find my twin flame?

In Twin Flames in Love, author and teacher Elizabeth Clare Prophet, answers these questions as she explores the inner mysteries of love and shares a refreshing perspective on male-female relationships including, soul mates, twin flames and what she refers to as karmic relationships

This 12 hour long CD offers exciting complementary material to the author's newest book, Finding a Higher Love: A Spiritual Guide to Love, Sex and Relationships. With warmth and compassion, Mrs. Prophet offers spiritual insights on marriage, sexuality, conception and much more. The understanding that you can receive can be a doorway to great hope and deeply fulfilling relationships.

MP3 12 hrs. Previously released in 1978 as a cassette-album.

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