Lectures, dictations by the archangels, meditations, songs, decrees (introductory pace) and invocations from the Angels Seminar.
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Complete Seminar. 24 hours, 15 minutes (2 MP3 CDs).

Includes lectures, meditations, songs, decrees (introductory pace), invocations and dictations.

All About Angels and You (49.2 MB, 53:45 min)
How Angels Help You Contact Your Higher Self (60.5 MB, 66:02 min)
How Angels Help You to Create Miracles in Your Life (101.3 MB, 110:37 min)
How Angels Help You to Effect Personal and Planetary Change (101.0 MB, 110:47 min)
How Angels Help You to Heal Yourself, Your Family and Friends (84.1 MB, 91:52 min)
How Angels Help You to Recapture the Spirit of Joy (70.9 MB, 77:28 min)
How to Call to Angels to Protect Yourself and Loved Ones (55.5 MB, 60:34 min)
How to Contact Angels of Love (77.3 MB, 84:25 min)
How to Contact Angels of Wisdom (55.4 MB, 60:32 min)
How to Contact Angels: Your Guides, Guardians and Friends (82.0 MB, 89:35 min)
How to Meet Your Guardian Angel (76.8 MB, 83:54 min)
How to Work With Angels for Success (75.8 MB, 82:34 min)
Meet Your Angel of Protection (38.7 MB, 42:15 min)
True Stories of Archangel Michael (59.8 MB, 65:17 min)

Open Your Heart to God,
Archangel Chamuel (32.2 MB, 35:07 min)

Surrender to the Will of God Is the Key to Your Destiny: Make Your Statement in This Age,
Archangel Jophiel and Christine (36.4 MB, 39:46 min)

Only Believe! The Sword of the Ruby Ray Separates the Real from the Unreal - This Is Your Window of Opportunity: Go for It!,
Archangel Uriel and Aurora (41.6 MB, 45:27 min)

Mother All Life Free! Come Back to the Path - The Straight and Narrow Way of the Initiate,
Archangel Michael and Faith (39.5 MB, 43:09 min)

Build Upon the Rock of Christ: Prepare for the Life Everlasting: I Pledge to Fight World Terrorism and Stop War at Every Level,
Archangel Gabriel, Keeper of the Scrolls, and Hope (41.7 MB, 45:30 min)

The Stream of Perpetual Joy: Become Vessels of the Word,
Archangel Zadkiel and Amethyst (41.3 MB, 45:05 min)

I Bring Healing: Increase the Fire of the Heart - Receive Your Christ,
Archangel Raphael (20.9 MB, 22:50 min)

I Stand By You: Champion the Cause of the Child! Bear the Cross of World Karma,
Mother Mary (25.6 MB, 27:58 min)

You Are Not Helpless! You Can Defeat the Challenges of the Decade,
Justinius (37.1 MB, 40:30 min)

2 MP3 CDs, 24:15 hours

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