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Angels - Decree Booklet

A booklet of prayers, decrees and affirmations to the archangels of the seven rays to help you keep angels beside you and to send healing to loved ones.

How To Work With Angels (Pocket Guide)

Ever think of building a relationship with an angel? You can work with angels (and archangels!) to bring about miracles everyday into your life and world.

Living with Angels (Coloring Book)

A colorful and fun way to introduce your children to the seven archangels, the seven rays and how to make calls to the angels.

Talk with Angels

With stories, examples and spiritual insights, Talk with Angels shows you how to forge life-changing, personal relationships with these transcendent beings.

How to Work with Angels: Your Guides, Guardians, and Friends - DVD

Elizabeth Clare Prophet introduces the angels, who are our guides, guardians and friends who were created to help us...and empower us to aid others.

How to Work with Angels: Contacting Your Higher Self - DVD

Elizabeth Clare Prophet on Archangel Jophiel, the angels of wisdom and how to accelerate your consciousness.

How to Work with Angels: Recapturing the Spirit of Joy - DVD

Elizabeth Clare Prophet connects you with Archangel Gabriel, the angels of joy and hope, and how you can practice the science of spreading joy on earth.

Angels: A Seminar on How to Contact Angels - MP3s

Lectures, dictations by the archangels, meditations, songs, decrees (introductory pace) and invocations from the Angels Seminar.