Personal instruction from the heart and mind of El Morya to you. Foundational for those who would know their true potential and how to fulfill it.
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Who is the chela on the path? It is that soul who seeks beyond the day-to-day life to discover “Who am I? Why am I here? Where am I really going and how do I get there?” El Morya has anticipated that moment and provided a map.

Every journey is traveled easier with a map and advice from one who has experience on the road you are to travel. In Chela and the Path, one who has successfully traversed the path to the ascension gives us our own spiritual map to help us succeed on a most difficult path - the path to our ascension.

Each chapter is filled with his wisdom and guidance, from tips on the best mindset to have to win all the way, to introduction to the seven archangels and the chohans of the rays, plus a concise history of the ascended masters work with avant garde spiritual groups in the last 150 years. Key knowledge, indeed, to help you tread the path of the chela, avoid the pitfalls and gain clues to accelerate your progress.

This is one spiritual guide that needs to be read more than once. As you progress on your path, your next reading will reveal even more insights to help with your next steps!

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Little traditional biographical information is available about El Morya Khan. He is perhaps the most revered of the Tibetan Mahatmas, reputedly born as a Rajput Prince in the Indian class of warriors and rulers. His date of birth is uncertain.

Here, however, the precious teachings of El Morya clearly point the way for all who aspire.

With the incomparable skill of a Zen master, he teaches us to become who we are, to see beneath the surface of daily life. He teaches of the divine light above and the divine light below, and the many layers of awareness that surround the soul.

Personal instruction from the heart and mind of El Morya to you. Foundational for those who would not only know their true potential, but fulfill it.

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