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Chela And The Path

Personal instruction from the heart and mind of El Morya to you. Foundational for those who would know their true potential and how to fulfill it.

Answering the Master's Call, Darshan 5 - DVD

Darshan #5 Elizabeth Clare Prophet teaching from The K.H. Letters to C. W. Leadbeater

Guru-Chela Relationship with the Ascended Masters - MP3

A special collection of teachings on the Guru-Chela relationship with the ascended masters for those who seek the living master and in him the Real Self.

The Higher Initiations, Darshan 14 - DVD

Darshan #14 with Elizabeth Clare Prophet teaching from The Masters and the Path.

The Guru-Chela Relationship, Darshan 16 - DVD

Darshan 16 with the Messenger Elizabeth Clare Prophet, February 20, 1997.