Find out El Morya's teachings on Imperil, the real and present danger of irritation, in this engaging and provocative lecture by Elizabeth Clare Prophet.
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A Commanding Danger!
What It Is - What It Does - and What You Can Do About It

Teachings from the Emerald Matrix on the Science of Wholeness by Elizabeth Clare Prophet

Can you afford to indulge in irritability? After all, it's not as damaging to our beings as, say, it? The ascended masters warn that we must never underestimate the power of irritability and the emotions that often come with it - anxiety, impatience, doubt, self-pity and fear - to affect the quality of our lives and seriously derail our spiritual progress. Imperil is highly poisonous to body, mind and soul and can actually saturate space. Its effects can be felt at great distances.

Learn more about Imperil, a real and present danger, in this highly engaging and provocative lecture.

Also covered:

  • How to properly deal with and direct psychic energy (soul force)
  • The three transgressors
  • Imperil on TV
  • Protecting soul attainment
  • The relationship between fatigue and irritability
  • Is anxiety more lethal than the worst physical disease?

2 Audio CDs: 2 hr. 32 min.

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