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4452: Lanto is Chohan of the Second Ray, the yellow ray, of wisdom, understanding and judgment.

He exemplifies these and other second-ray virtues, including illumination and discernment.

Lord Lanto teaches the path of attainment through enlightenment and mastery in the crown chakra, and can assist souls in receiving the Holy Spirits gifts of the word of wisdom and the word of knowledge.

Many of Lantos incarnations were in China, where he focused the flame of illumination that infused that countrys culture with great wisdom. The Duke of Chou, one of his Chinese embodiments, is reputed to have been the guru of Confucius.

During his final lifetime, Lanto adored Gods presence within his own heart so fervently that the divine spark residing therethe threefold flamecould be seen emanating as a soft golden glow through his chest. He desired that through this living testimony other people would also recognize and believe the truth of their own innate spark of divinity, the doorway to their personal enlightenment and victory.

He sustained this visible light until he ascended around 500 B.C.

Lantos etheric retreat is located over the Grand Teton in the Teton Mountain Range in Wyoming.

On the back of the card: A prayer to reinforce your retreat experience as you send loving wisdom to the children and youth of the world.