Work on the 'Who am I' question of your true identity by considering your soul's divine potential, free will, the not-self, karma and reincarnation.
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Recovering the Pearl of Your True Identity

The soul…a pearl cast into the sea of the material universe. To go after that pearl and recover your true identity is the goal of life.

How? By awakening and overcoming.

Find answers to your soul’ questing and questioning "Who am I?" with a concise overview of:

  • Your soul's divine potential
  • Free will and karma
  • Reincarnation
  • Navigating the change called death
  • Practical keys for your soul's journey
  • Spending quality time with your soul
  • Recognizing the not-self, and
  • Learning while you sleep at the etheric retreats

Affirmations, meditations, questions and exercises for self-reflection or to enrich your experience in book discussion groups.

A perfect introduction to the teachings of the ascended masters for friends and family and at the same time an in-depth study of the soul for the serious seeker.

Softbound pocket guide, 4" x 6", 128 pages