The Grail mystery teachings by Archangel Gabriel, delivered to Elizabeth Clare Prophet, unlock the mystery of self. A formula for practical self-mastery.
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The Earth is going through a period of great turmoil. There are unknown forces in motion that affect your life. Some are benevolent. Others are not. Your understanding of the two can mean the difference between triumph and tragedy.

Mysteries of the Holy Grail prepares you to meet the challenges of our time. There is nothing hypothetical or speculative about it.

Sought by mystics, saints, and knights of the quest, the Grail mysteries are now made accessible through this recording of the words of the Archangel Gabriel, delivered to Elizabeth Clare Prophet by the power of the Holy Spirit.

Experience the radiance of the Holy Grail caught by an Archangel and applied to present problems we must face and conquer ere we can enter a golden age of peace and enlightenment.

Each chapter unlocks a mystery of self. Keys to the souls reunion with God abound. A formula for practical day-to-day self-mastery unfolds - transforming the spirit, arming men and women to meet each crisis, personal or planetary, with equanimity and empowerment.

The Mysteries are the ideations of God…whose time has come.

Elizabeth Clare Prophet on Archangel Gabriel
I The Mystery of the Christ
II The Mystery of Salvation
III The Mystery of Consciousness
IV The Mystery of Armageddon
V The Mystery of Being
VI The Mystery of Selfhood
VII The Mystery of the Incarnate Word
VIII The Mystery of the Translation
IX The Mystery of Evil
X The Mystery Alpha and Omega
XI The Mystery of the Sacred Eucharist
XII The Mystery of the Judgment

Softbound, 430 pages, Third Edition 2012.

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