Saint Germain presents the principles of alchemy and the steps to create spiritual, mental, emotional and physical transformation.
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Contains Studies in Alchemy, Intermediate Studies in Alchemy, and Treatise on the Threefold Flame by Saint Germain.

Alchemy is a powerful method of transformation. Saint Germain shows that miracles are nothing more than the natural outgrowth of the practice of spiritual alchemy. In this greatest of all self-help books, Saint Germain describes the principles of alchemy and how they can be used to effect spiritual, mental, emotional and physical transformation.

In spiritual alchemy, you have the opportunity to transmute the base and limiting elements of the human consciousness into the refined gold of the unlimited Christ consciousness. Saint Germain provides insights and alchemical experiments to help your on your way. This total transformation of the old man into the new is what Saint Germain teaches his disciples to pursue selflessly. And that which you do for yourself, you end up doing for the world community.

This handbook for those who would be modern adepts also includes sections on the mystical origins of America, Saint Germain as the Wonderman of Europe, and a comprehensive 117-page glossary of alchemical and spiritual terms.

Pocketbook 544 pp.

"If you think alchemy is just some archaic sleight of hand..., this book will set you straight." Richard Nolle, author and columnist