Archangel Statues

Archangel and angel statues for your altar and sacred spaces

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Archangel Michael 9" Bronze Statue

Archangel Michael 9-Inch Bronze Resin Statue

Archangel Michael Plaque

Colorful Archangel Michael Plaque

Archangel Michael Statue, 2 feet

Archangel Michael Statue, Hand Painted Resin

Archangel Michael Stomping on the Devil, 18"


Archangel Michael, 10"


Archangel Michael, 4 Inches

Archangel Michael 4-Inch Bonded Marble Statue

Archangel Michael, Bonded Marble w/ Gold

Archangel Michael, bonded marble with gold trim

Archangel Raphael

15" Bronze Resin

Archangel Raphael 9" Resin Statue

Archangel Raphael Golden/Bronze Resin Statue, 9 Inches

Archangel Raphael Golden/Bronze 5" Statue

Archangel Raphael Golden/Bronze Resin 5-Inch Statue

Archangel Raphael Ivory 5" Statue

Archangel Raphael Ivory Resin 5 inch Statue

Archangel Raphael, 2-Foot Statue

Archangel Raphael, Hand Painted Statue