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By giving 10% of your efforts you enter into a partnership with God to bring His kingdom into manifestation on earth.

The Sacred Waters Fund

Support the design, building, and promotion of the Sacred Waters project.


On occasion some of our members need a little help—this Fund is dedicated to help our own members in times of need.

Save Our Teachings Fund Donation

Support the archiving and preservation of the 1992-1999 recorded videos of the Messenger and the ascended masters.

Restricted Publishing

Solely supports publishing the core Teachings of the Ascended Masters® and their Messengers.

Mission Fulfillment Fund

Support the Mission Fulfillment Plan and help El Morya earn another dispensation in 2024!

Fondo Hispano de Expansión - Hispanic Outreach Fund

Apoya a la expansión para comunidades de habla hispana alrededor del mundo. Support outreach to Hispanic communities around the world.