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Archangel Michael - Vials Seven Last Plagues 5 x 7

Archangel Michael, the angel in the Book of Revelations, who poured out the first vial of the seven last plagues upon the earth.

Archangel Michael By Tiffany

Print of the Archangel Michael stained glass window by Tiffany.

Archangel Michael Slaying Dragon 5x7

Archangel Michael defeating Satan by Guido Reini - 1635

Archangel Michael with Flaming Sword

Archangel Michael with Flaming Sword based on Tiffany stained glass window.

Astrea Circle and Sword

Visualization of Elohim Astrea's circle and sword of blue flame around the earth.

Buddha of The Ruby Ray - 5 x 7 (white background)

The Buddha of the Ruby Ray holds a spiritual balance for the earth. The ruby ray is a concentrated essence of divine love that can produce profound change.

Chakra Set (laminated) wallet cards

Chakra Set - 9 laminated wallet cards of 7 chakras, secret chamber of the heart chakra and David chakra man.

Charity wallet card (laminated)

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