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Ashram Rituals - Booklet (PDF Download)

Downloadable PDF of the Ashram Ritual booklet containing the six Ashram rituals released in 1952-58 in the Ashram Notes.

Becoming God: The Path of the Christian Mystic (Mystical Paths series)

Becoming God is Elizabeth Clare Prophet's book on Christian mysticism in her Mystical Paths of the Worlds Religions series.

Book Of Hymns And Songs (Looseleaf)

Song book for The Summit Lighthouse hymns, songs and mantras. This song book contains the words, but not sheet music.

Chela And The Path

Personal instruction from the heart and mind of El Morya to you. Foundational for those who would know their true potential and how to fulfill it.

Chohans of the Rays booklet

A childrens booklet introducing the seven chohans, stories of their past lives, and a description of the different paths on which a soul can be tutored.

Community - A Journey to the Heart of Spiritual Community

Elizabeth Clare Prophet expounds on El Morya' teachings on the challenges and joys of applying the universal principles of brotherhood and community.

Compassion - Gardens of the Heart Series

Compassion quotes from Elizabeth Clare Prophet that can lift your spirit, open your understanding and gently guide you to the garden within your own heart.

Corona Class Lessons by Jesus and Kuthumi

48 lessons by Jesus and Kuthumi outlining the spiritual path, with rare insights on love, mercy, brotherhood, charity, the soul, vision, mission and faith.

Cosmic Consciousness

The newly ascended Lanello shares teachings on the Divine Mother, the presence of love, the eternality of being and the aura as an expanding egg of cosmic consciousness.

Creation of the Cloud - Booklet

The Creation of the Cloud Ritual, from Saint Germain's lessons in alchemy.

Creation of the Cloud Ritual - CD + Booklet

The powerful Creation of the Cloud ritual with booklet.

Creative Abundance (Pocket Guide)

These keys to spiritual and material prosperity give you step-by-step techniques to unlock your wealth and abundance potential. Turn dreams into reality.