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Beloved Cyclopea Decree - CD - Decree 50.05 (fast)

Invoke the Elohim Cyclopea for the All-Seeing Eye of God for the vision of perfection that brings healing. Decree 50.05 given 144 times.

Hercules Thou Elohim - CD - Decree 10.05 (fast)

Call on the tremendous power of Elohim Hercules' blue lightning to get it done! Decree 10.05, 60 times. Advanced pace

Violet Flame for Elemental Life - CDs

The nature spirits of fire, air, water and earth need us and we need them! Violet flame decrees and songs with Elizabeth Clare Prophet. Slow to intermediate pace.

Heart, Head, and Hand Decrees - CD and Booklet

2 CD Set of decrees and songs covering the seven rays with 48-page color booklet. Decrees are beginner pace.

Decrees and Songs with Mark L. Prophet - CD

This album of decrees and songs is a wonderful way to connect with the heart of Mark Prophet. Experience his joy, and let him teach you how to decree.

For Judgment I AM Come Visualization - DVD

Visualizations of the Divine Mother (Kuan Yin), Archangel Uriel, Mother Mary, Saint Germain with intermediate paced decrees.

Protect Our Youth Visualizations - DVD

Blue-flame visualizations with decrees to Archangel Michael. Intermediate pace - or mute the audio to meditate and decree at your own pace.

God-Victory for America! Visualizations - DVD

Visualizations with intermediate paced decrees to the Great Divine Director, Cyclopea and Astrea. 1 DVD, 1 hr 19 mins.

El Morya, Lord of the First Ray - MP3

All the First Ray songs and decrees from the four El Morya cassettes on one MP3. Decrees are Devotional to Advanced pace. Booklet included.