Audio recordings of the teachings of the ascended masters.

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Kuan Yin's Crystal Rosary - CDs

Elizabeth Clare Prophet leads hymns, prayers and Chinese mantras to Kuan Yin, the Goddess of Mercy. 4 CDs.

Lightbearers of The World Unite! - DVD/MP3 (Freedom 2018)

The 2018 Freedom Conference dictations plus the 1984 Prayer Vigil for the Nations decree session with Elizabeth Clare Prophet. 3 DVDs & 1 MP3

Living Flame of Love - MP3

Lectures on 'The Living Flame of Love' by Saint John of the Cross. Unveils the way of the Christian mystics. Also includes a dictation from Jesus Christ.

Love Is the Key! - MP3 (Harvest 1980)

Lectures and dictations from Harvest 1980, plus dictations by Saint Germain and Portia and Oromasis and Diana from Chicago and Saint Germain from Nov. 1980.

Mastering the Science of Invocation - MP3

Over 23 hours of teachings, instructions and dictations on the Science of the Spoken Word, including 9 lectures given at Summit University. 2 MP3s.

Meditations In The Heart of Mother - CD

Seven spoken meditations with musical backgrounds by Ellizabeth Clare Prophet.

Meditations to Become the Buddha - CD

Guided meditations on the heart of Gautama Buddha and your soul's path to becoming the Buddha by Elizabeth Clare Prophet. Set to Pachelbel's Canon in D.

Morya and You - Love - MP3

Get to know El Morya by listening to his words of tender care for your soul conveyed in these 23 dictations.

Morya and You - Power - MP3 CD

Sometimes we look a stranger in the eye and have a flash of recognition: we know this person! You may feel an instant soul connection when you gaze into the eyes of the fierce being whose portrait graces the cover of this book. Who is he?

Morya and You: Wisdom (MP3 CD)

Let Morya speak to your heart. You’ll be grateful you reconnected with a dear friend whom you’ve known for a very long time!

Mother Mary's Scriptural Rosaries - MP3s

Mother Mary gave these scriptural rosaries to Elizabeth Clare Prophet as meditations upon the Mother flame. Rosaries for the 7 rays and the 5 secret rays.

Mother, Dear Mother - CD

A compilation of the favorite songs of Elizabeth Clare Prophet.