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Violet Flame To Heal Body, Mind And Soul (Pocket Guide)

Learn how to use the violet flame to transform negative patterns of thought or feeling into light. Restore the joy of God to your world!

Is Mother Nature Mad? (Pocket Guide)

Is Mother Nature Mad? contains practical spiritual tools you can use to help restore harmony to the environment and to mitigate extreme weather conditions.

Spiritual Techniques to Heal Body, Mind and Soul - CD

Elizabeth Clare Prophet explores the creative power of sound for accessing greater levels of your divine potential. Also includes examples of decrees.

Saint Germain On Alchemy - DVD

Elizabeth Clare Prophet reviews Saint Germain's principles of alchemy and how to use them for your spiritual, mental, emotional and physical transformation.

Violet Flame Meditation for Spiritual Transformation - Download

Violet Flame Meditation for Spiritual Transformation

Violet Flame Challenge Cards - 25 Pack

Wallet cards to introduce interested people to the the violet flame resource website and taking the Violet Flame Challenge.

Saint Germain On Alchemy

Saint Germain gives you the principles of alchemy, the best use of violet flame mantras and visualizations, and how to use them to change your life.

How to Work with Nature Spirits

How to Work with Nature Spirits shows you how to combine visualizations, mantras and your heart's power to bring balance to the Earth.

Violet Flame Unlaminated Wallet Card