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Dossier on the Ascension

Serapis Bey gives practical keys for spiritual growth that can help you earn your ascension while answering the questions about life after death. Seraphic meditations.

Path To Your Ascension By Annice Booth

This timely book offers practical techniques to accelerate spiritual growth with keys on how to overcome the most serious obstacles to your ascension.

The Ascension of Christ in You - DVD

Elizabeth Clare Prophet explores where Jesus was during his 'lost years' and the inner mysteries he taught including the path of the ascension.

Reality of Your Ascension (book)

The landmark A Retreat on the Ascension seminar is now available for your in-depth study of light with the ascended masters’ wise counsel and the lectures by Elizabeth Clare Prophet.

Reality of Your Ascension - DVD/MP3

The landmark August 1979 seminar A Retreat on the Ascension with all the dictations and lectures. Meet Serapis Bey and gain those keys from the ascended masters to accelerate you on your ascension pathway.

Actas de la Ascensión

Ahora, Serapis Bey y la Hermandad de Lúxor revelan los secretos internos del camino hacia la ascensión. Abren la puerta de su escuela de misterios, al compartir las claves de la inmortalidad.