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Initiations of the Holy Spirit East and West (Easter 1994) DVD/MP3

Easter Retreat 1994 replayed Easter conference 2024. Five dictations, plus Elizabeth Clare Prophet lectures on Teachings on the Holy Spirit.

Saint Germain On Alchemy-pocket book

Saint Germain presents the principles of alchemy and the steps to create spiritual, mental, emotional and physical transformation.

Decree Book Binder - White w/ Pockets

Plastic binder for loose-leaf pages. Holds one Decree Book or one Song Book. With pockets.

Secrets of the Golden Age Prince: Francis Bacon

Secrets of the Golden Age Prince reveals the truth behind royal intrigue, Francis Bacon's hidden identities, and an amazing spiritual revelation. Enter a world of dangerous secrets, heroic brotherhood, and an enduring love for humanity.

Who Is God? (Childrens Booklet)

A beautifully illustrated children's book describes the Chart of the Divine Presence and a child's relationship to God. Includes six devotional mantras.

Art of Practical Spirituality (Pocket Guide)

Bring more passion, creativity and balance into your life through the Art of Practical Spirituality. Turn everyday encounters into an opportunity to grow.

Portable Altar, Small with NEW Morya

Portable Altar, Small

Buddhic Essence - Ten Stages to Becoming a Buddha (Mystical Paths series)

Elizabeth Clare Prophet gently traces upon the heart the pathway that can lead to Buddhahood. This is the second book in the her Mystical Paths series.
$12.95 $3.24