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Climb the Highest Mountain Vols. 1-9

The entire Climb the Highest Mountain series bundled to bring you the most cost-effective way to build your spiritual library with these foundational works.

10,001, Handbook for Soul Survival

10,001, Handbook for Soul Survival blows the cover on the strategies and plans of the forces of darkness. They have a plan for's called Armageddon.

Hidden Power of Sound

Elizabeth Clare Prophet shows you the hidden power of sound and the more recent exploration by Dr. Hans Jenny. Spoken, sung, chanted, or offered in prayer, sound has been mankind's key to healing and spiritual awakening.
$13.95 $9.07

The Class of the Golden Cycle

The Class of the Golden Cycle contains all 11 dictations from the Harvest 1991 conference plus the 7 dictations from the 33rd Anniversary of The Summit Lighthouse.

Eating the Wu Way

Eating the Wu Way helps you understand how to eat improve your health and quality of life regardless of your age.

Dweller on Two Planets, A

A DWELLER ON TWO PLANETS By Phylos the Tibetan, Introduction by David Hatcher Childress.

Lost Continent of MU

THE LOST CONTINENT OF MU is the classic book on the theory of a lost continent in the Pacific.

Children of Mu, The

The Children of MU, According to Churchward, the lost Pacific continent of Mu “extended from somewhere north of Hawaii to the south as far as the Fijis and Easter Island.”